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We Are Happy To Guide You

We Love To Explore New Worldwide Destinations.

We love to explore new destinations

Whether you’re a nature lover, city slicker, or both; The BIG is your home away from home as you set fourth and explore Cape Town.

We travel this big world in search of the small treasures, and cherish all the details along the way.

Situated below Signal Hill in Green Point, the BIG is a 20 minute walk from  the historically rich Cape Town city centre; the iconic V & A Waterfront; and trendy Bree Street restaurants and bars.

The BIG is your window into the soul of Cape Town.

This is our passion

We’re passionate about the small moments that leave big impressions; and everything in between that fills life with wonder.

This is your space

We are beyond a backpackers. A rest to the wayfaring, a sojourner’s sweet respite. A happy hacienda where you can breathe and let your mind be still, or laugh until your belly hurts.


It’s where joy, love and community come together to let you know you’ve arrived. Where the lines between friendship and family are blurred.

What we offer

It’s the gentle crackle of fire under a bespangled night sky, or soft morning light bringing with it the songbird’s symphony.


It’s the icy kiss of an ocean swim followed by the comforting embrace of the sun’s warmth.


It’s the mighty mountains towering above us, and the fine sand between our toes.

It’s a full belly and a happy heart, where the wine is flowing and laughter is shared. Here’s to the unforgettable nights and the moments that never leave us.